Living the Questions Part 2


The sessions are being offered Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm starting Tuesday September 24th 209.

Restoring Relationships FOCUS: There are three Biblical “macro-stories” that shape the whole of the Biblical narrative: Bondage and Liberation, Exile and Return, Sin and Forgiveness. Each representing a different facet of the human condition, they demonstrate what is necessary for the restoration of relationships on a variety of levels.

Prophetic Jesus FOCUS: Jesus was a troublemaker. He said and did things that were upsetting to agents of the political and religious domination systems that oppressed the weak and downtrodden. In this way, Jesus stood firmly in the tradition of the prophets of Hebrew Scripture – those who offered a clear and challenging “alternative script” to the status quo.

Evil, Suffering, & a God of Love Focus: If God is all-powerful, all-loving, and all-good, how do you explain and respond to the existence of so much suffering and evil in the world?

The Myth of Redemptive Violence FOCUS: The most potent religion in Western culture is not Christianity, but a belief in the redemptive power of violence. Although Jesus inaugurated a new order based on partnership, equality, compassion and nonviolence, his example and teachings have been eclipsed by an emphasis on a human unworthiness that demands and defends the need for Jesus’ violent, suffering, atoning death

Practicing Resurrection FOCUS: While much has been made of Jesus’ literal and physical resurrection being the core historical event of Christianity, the Biblical texts themselves present conflicting evidence. For many today, the resuscitation of Jesus’ body is less important than the idea of resurrection as a credible and meaningful principle for living.

Debunking the Rapture FOCUS: Failing to understand the message of hope offered in the Book of Revelation, many Christians have been misled by 19th century doomsayers and modern-day apocalyptic preachers who proclaim their vengeful god’s impending extermination of the apostate masses. Just what part of “love your enemies” doesn’t their god understand?

Honoring Creation Focus: While human beings have been gifted with a beautiful and complex world in which to live, its systems and resources are being stressed by our behaviors, lifestyles, and arrogance. Care for the environment is not only deeply biblical and practical, but increasingly critical – for both the present spiritual life and for our collective future.